"High-priority" option for announcements

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We’ve had a few instances where students have told us they did NOT get a very important course announcement sent out students that actually required immediate attention.  I am sure this likely has to do with their personal notifications settings, and I totally understand and support providing options that work best for students in terms of managing their inboxes for run-of the mill announcements.

However, this brings a couple of thoughts to mind….

  1. The worst case scenario is a student selecting “Notifications off” for announcements.  It is fair to say that EVERY announcement we send out contains information that for sure needs to be seen by all of our students at some point.  Is there a way to disable this so that students DO NOT have that option?
  2. Is there a way to mark an announcement as “High Priority” or some other way to over-ride the personal notification settings and push out any message that NEEDS to go out right away?  I know in Sakai there is that option to send out any message flagged by the instructor as "High-Priority" to ALL students enrolled in that course regardless of their personal notification settings and am hoping there is something similar for Canvas?

I look forward to hearing back from folks about this --maybe there is already an option that we just need to enable in our particular LMS?


Matt Velkey

Assistant Dean of Biomedical Sciences Education

Duke University School of Medicine