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"Next" Buttons?

How do I add the "Next" button at the bottom of a page so that the course I'm building moves sequentially through the pages and modules I'm creating?

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Hi  @tararay ‌

Those buttons are built automatically at the bottom of any Canvas page as you build them, and will navigate users through the content of a module in the order in which the content appears in a module.  There is nothing you have to do to build these.

So, my question is - are you not seeing them? They will not appear in Edit mode, you must save the content item before they appear. 

Some other questions: Are you accessing the pages in a mobile device or on a desktop/laptop? Which browser are you using and is it current?


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Hello,  @tararay ‌!

I wanted to circle back to your question about the "Next" button in Canvas. It looks like  @kmeeusen ‌ provided some great insight and asked some follow up questions - did that help out at all? We'd love to hear back from you and see how things have turned out! Since it's been awhile, I'm going to go ahead and mark this as "Assumed Answered". Don't worry - this won't prevent people from adding to the discussion if they have additional resources!


Hi, @kenneth_rogers I am not seeing a "Next" button when going from Page to Page. I haven't built any Modules, just pages. How do I link them so that the user can move from one Page to the next?

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Hello @susan_laws ...

The "Next" and "Previous" buttons will only show if you are building the content of your course via "Modules".  It's generally recommended that you build out the content of your course using the "Modules" page.  That way, you can structure your course by "Weeks", "Units", "Chapters", or whatever terminology you use in your course.  Then, you organize your content items located in your "Pages", "Quizzes", "Assignments", and "Discussions" into your "Modules" page in the order that you want your student to view them.  At our school, we also hide the "Pages", "Quizzes", "Assignments", and "Discussions" course menu items...which forces students to access the course content via the "Modules" page.  I would highly recommend that you consider using "Modules" as sort of the "building blocks" for your course content...so that you have those "Next" and "Previous" buttons that you want.  If you keep your "Pages" menu item visible to your students, and they access everything through that screen, then all items on your "Pages" index page are alphabetized...which may not be the order you really want (another reason "Modules" are valuable).  Finally, if you were to manually add "Next" and "Previous" buttons to your pages, that's going to be quite a bit of work on your end...to add the buttons, make the links, etc.  Canvas does this for you using "Modules" as your starting point...and it knows to re-route things if you change the order of your content within "Modules".

Here's a short video tutorial for you on "Modules": Modules Overview (Instructors) - Instructure Community

I hope this will be helpful to you.  Let Community members know if you have any other questions about this...thanks!

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