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remove a score from a rubric for a student

Does anyone know a way to "undo" a score on a rubric for a student? We use 1-4 rubrics that are attached to assignments and linked to org level outcomes. Occasionally, teachers want to remove a score completely from a student rubric. We find that we can change the score, say a 1 to a 4, but we cannot just remove the score to be assessed at a later date. 

For us this matters as we use decaying average for outcome proficiency calculations. By not being able to remove the score, teachers have decreased flexibility in determining proficiency on an outcome for a student.

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I follow, because we have the same question in our institution.

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I have a similar question – it seems to me that there is no way to "clear" the score, but you can change the value to 0 as a reminder to go back and update.