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resubmit assignment

I need to remove the assignment that I have submitted and upload another one. 


Can you help with this?


It says that re submissions are allowed but I can't see what I can do to achieve this. 



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Hi @StewartPayne ...

It sounds like you are a student.  Unfortunately, Canvas Community members don't have access to your course or your school's Canvas environment.  For a question like this regarding re-submissions of an assignment, you should contact your instructor directly to see how he/she wants you to re-submit.  You can contact your instructor directly in Canvas by following the instructions in this Guide:

How do I get help with Canvas as a student?

Keep us posted here in the Community...thanks!  Good luck!

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When a resubmission happens, many teachers will view the most recent submission first. The only reason I would go back to a prior submission is if the student tells me to look at something there, or a student fails to fully resubmit (only submitting things they missed the first time). At times, it can be beneficial, showing that you are attempting to not only do the work, but improve on the work. 

There is not a way for you or the teacher to remove the first submission. However, as @Chris_Hofer mentioned, talk to your teacher about how they handle resubmissions. Unless they turn it off, basic assignments usually allow for multiple submissions by default. You would see a button at the bottom of the assignment to resubmit.