school is struggling to set up Canvas Power School grade passback

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Our school has been struggling to set up the grade passback feature between Canvas and Power School.  When our tech administrator seeks support by phone, he leaves messages but does not receive a call back.  This is a new issue that has just come up this year.  Is there a way to facilitate contact between Canvas support and our school to get help?

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Community Team

@CathyQuigley I suspect that the number you are calling for Canvas Support may be incorrect.  If your account has Canvas Phone Support, you should never need to leave a voicemail, as it is staffed 24/7.  

If you are setting up grade passback to PowerSchool for the first time, then your administration needs to contact their CSM for assistance with the implementation.  If the grade passback has already been set up in the account, and there are issues with getting it to work properly, then they should contact Canvas Support for assistance.  For more on how to contact Canvas Support, refer to:How do I contact Canvas Support? 

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