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specialist nurse student, canvas quiz

hello, in the canvas quiz something happening, i can not put in the asnwer right, it was loockt. something was wrong whit canvas in the moment.

i tried, and when my task comes back, i see that was right answer from me i put in, but i get wrong in credits and red flag. But the answer and calkulate is true, how do i do ? how do i prove it for examinator, i have picture on it and from my daschboard ... 


regards john



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Hello @JohnnyOlsson 

I understand that you were having trouble with your quiz in Canvas. 

It sounds like there might be something wrong with the quiz question, or possibly your browser. For this you would want to reach out to your instructor to let them know what you were seeing. They might have forgotten to add the the answers correctly, which could results in issues such as this. 

If needed you can always have Canvas support look into this. They can email your professor if they see anything suspicious about the question. 

Hopefully this helps!