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I have one student who is claiming that three mc quiz questions would not allow her to select the correct answer.  The other mc questions worked fine.  Is this a possible? or is there a lack of truth occurring?


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Mike Newhams

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@MichaelNewhams for what it is worth I have seen a lot of crazy things happen with Canvas in Safari.  I have not seen where they could not pick the correct answer and could be pick others but I have seen something similar.  What I have seen is where they could not pick any answers (the buttons to click were not there) or it would pick like auto-pick choice "A" only. 

Personally I guess it would depend on when she brought this to your attention.  If she was having the issue it would make sense to say something right away prior to submitting or seeing any feedback so the instructor (you) could fix it or at least know she knew the correct answer and wanted to pick it.  Again, just to me, to say something after the fact makes it hard to know if it really occurred or not.  Good luck with this one!


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