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I meet with a small group of students and use Canvas to communicate, share documents, files, etc. When I add the students' email addresses using the "Add People" function, all  have been able to successfully join but one. I am certain the email address was entered correctly as I copied and pasted it from one of her emails. In a recent email to me, the student wrote " I think the issue is that the Canvas free for teachers doesn't send me everything I need. I'm sending a screenshot of everything it sends me. Is there a way for me to get my password? I've tried the "I forget my password" but it says it doesn't have access to it and Canvas Free for Teachers will just send it to me." 


Does anyone have any suggestions on how this student can join my Canvas site?


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Hello @URT ,

There are a few reasons why using the student's email didn't work when trying to add them to the course: They don't have an account set up, their account is missing the email, the email address has not been verified by the student, or the email is getting bounced back. 

Alternative ways to join:

1. You can add the student under People by using their Login ID instead of email (unless they are one in the same).

2. (if possible) you can create a link and code for them to self-enroll How do I enable course self-enrollment with a join code or secret URL? 

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