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We have had an anonymous assignment. The task was closed on 27 Nov. No further submissions have been made after this date. Now, a few days later, the students have changed places. Student 65 has become student 66 and so on. This applies to about half of  79 students.

In my example, the student submitted his work on 26/11.
The assignment closes for submissions on 27/11.
On 30/11, the teacher uploads a document with feedback and grading.
Throughout this process, the anonymous student has been "Student 65" in Speedgrader.
On 9/12, the teacher discovers that the students have changed places. "Student 65" is now  suddenly "Student 66". Which causes confusion.

The teacher's feedback is still with the right student. But it is extremely confusing and stressful for the teacher who now has to double check everything.

What is the reason for this?
No submissions have been made after 27/11 so the list should not be changed.


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/jonas k

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Hmmmm..... Is it possible a student dropped the course and therefore was removed (or other status) that would have automatically changed the order of the numbers?   Luckily the teacher's feedback is still in the correct place (whew!)

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