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when i try to filter gradebook by section, it does not filter assignments properly because the test student appears in every section and consequently every assignment that i create.

100% of my assessments appear in my gradebook even when filtered by section.

is there any quick fix for this please?



create two assessments one for section a and the other for section b

go to gradebook and try to filter by section.

gradebook always displays both assessments.


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Community Coach

Thank you for providing that example, @poppet. I used it to do some testing and see the Test Student always shows regardless of the section filter chosen on the Grades page. This was after I reset the Test Student user; before that it did not show in the second section I created for the purposes of the test. I think this is by design so that the Test Student can be used to see every Canvas tool from the student perspective.

I’m going to mark this reply as a solution. I realize it does not solve your problem, but it will help our colleagues who have a similar question.

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