unhiding of grades without approval

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For two semesters straight, I have noticed that Canvas unhides exam or assignment grades without prompting and sometimes the releases are for some but not all. I've also received complaints from students (both semesters, separate classes), that their Quiz scores are not showing up or had shown up before but no longer visible (even if it's before the date and time I had set to hide Quiz answers). And these problems interestingly arise later in the semester, when the number of assignments and quizzes increase. What may be the issue? Why are grades randomly unhiding without the instructor's approval/consent/prompting?

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Hi @SocKhamosh 

I have never seen this happen with Grade Posting Policies before, so I suspect it is either a bug or the policies are not being set correctly by your faculty - they are a tad bit tricky when you are new to them.

If the following guides are being followed, and the problem persists, then I can only suggest submitting a support ticket.

You may also wish to use the Interactive Student Grade Visibility Flowchart as a training tool for new Faculty. Our faculty found this tool quite helpful when Canvas switched from grade muting to grade posting policies.

Good luck,


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