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I run workshops for students on behalf of a university organisation, and I have a searchable blog in Collaborate Ultra where I post information useful to the students. It's not related to assessment, and they are not expected to respond to the posts.

Students can browse the blog post headings via the index; they don't need to enter a search term. Can I create the same ability in Discussions, where they can browse headings and open posts of interest? Or is this a Discussions Redesign feature?

Thank you.

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Hello @MaureenButler 

Thank you for contacting the Canvas Community. We're sorry to hear you've been experiencing issues with using discussions as a searchable blog  post. Thank you for your explanation of what you're looking for. Currently, that isn't how the discussions have been designed for traditional viewing. The only real way to searchwithin the discussion is using the built in search bar for key phrases or text or using CTRL (CMND)  F to find it directly. There is  a possibility of getting it custom setup if you speak with your CSM who handles the Canvas account, but as of now it is not currently an option. Discussion  redesign is making improvements here and we  are still working on getting it to its final stage. It  is  an option to start using it now however, if  the school  decides  to opt in to the  release. Hopefully this helps!

Feel free to check out our Ideas Conversation forum as we implement great ideas such as this that we find within the community. 

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