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visibility of assignment text

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within our University for specific courses we allow students to undertake a single missed assignment towards the end of the course.

my question relates to the visibility of assignment text and the submission status. if the assigment is assigned to them and the Due Date and the Until Date is passed, do they still see the outstanding assignment?

to ask the question in another way, is it true to say that the only ways to stop a student seeing an assessment is to unassign it or delete it?

thank you.


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@poppet -

The students can see the assignment after the until date.  If they have access to the assignments navigation link, clicking on it will show all of the asssignments - past due, current and future due dates.  As far as being on the to-do list, I imagine that once an assignment has passed the until date that it no longer shows up there.

On the student view of the assignment page, there is the word closed below the assignment name which indicates that they can no longer submit the assignment.  However, they can still view all the content associated with the assignment.

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