way to identify students with an icon such as a peanut if have allergies or a ball if they are in sports

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We're looking for a way to make it obvious to teachers (but not students) if a student has an allergy. Ideally a peanut icon could appear next to them in the attendance screen or elsewhere. I searched but didn't find anything on this topic. We could even live with a generic icon (say an exclamation point) that just alerts a teacher to go check on the students conditions or memberships etc.


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That's an outstanding idea, @rbauerkenya! The first solution I can think of is to use the Notes column on the Grades page. 

How do I use the Notes column in the Gradebook?

This requires the teacher (or a sysadmin) type in the information for each student in each class, which is not as efficient as prepopulating that information somehow. However, it would require each teacher to get to know each of their students a little bit more, else they might overlook it if it's put in Canvas by someone else.

I'm going to mark my response as a solution, but there can be more than one. I hope our colleagues here in the Community can share other options for getting this important information to teachers inside Canvas.

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