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Canvas Deploy Notes (2022-03-02)

Canvas Deploy Notes (2022-03-02)

Canvas deploys contain code changes that are intended to fix bugs, improve performance, and prepare for new features. These deploys take place every two weeks and can be tested in the beta environment before the production deploy date indicated in the title of this document.

Deploy notes indicate notable changes in the deploy by feature. To view functionality according to user role, please see Canvas Features by User Role.

Fixed bugs are located in Known Issues. For related issues resolved in this deploy, view the 2022-03-02 Known Issues tag.


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  • For Canvas Platform Service changes (API, GraphQL, Canvas Data), please see the appropriate page in the Change Log 
  • Other questions? Visit the Canvas Deploy FAQ 

Deploy Notes Change Log


Interface Updates




Google Docs Plugin Removal

User Role & Summary Link

Instructors, Students | Canvas Features by User Role

Affected Feature Areas




The Google Docs tab no longer appears on the Assignment Submission page.

Change Benefit

The broken functionality of the Google Docs Plugin has been removed from Canvas.

Feature Workflow

Users no longer can view the Google Docs tab. Schools can use the Google Assignments LTI or allow the student to download their document from Google and upload it.

Known Issues

"Google Docs" Plugin not loading list of files in Assignments  


Feature Preview



Enhanced Gradebook Filters 

Feature Option

Enhanced Gradebook Filters 

Affects User Interface


Affected Feature Areas


User Group

Gradebook Filters

Related Feature Ideas

Gradebook Filtering

Filter Gradebook by Date

Needs Grading Assignment Filter

Ungraded Work Filter

Option to View Grades in Gradebook by Date Range 



Enhanced Gradebook Filters is a new feature preview available in Canvas. 

Feature Workflow

When the Enhanced Gradebook Filters feature preview is enabled for a course, instructors can create filters that can be saved or used one time.




Instructors can select condition types and conditions to add to the filter. They can also remove conditions, apply the filter, and give the filter a name for future use.

The following conditions can be used to create filters in the gradebook. 


  • Assignment Group - select from the assignment groups created in the course
  • Module - select from the modules created in the course
  • Section - select from the sections available in the course
  • Student Group - show only students in a selected group
  • Grading Period - if available, select from grading periods in the course
  • Submission - select to see assignments that have ungraded submissions or only those with submissions
  • Start Date - show only assignments that have a due date at or beyond the start date selected
  • End Date - show only assignments that have a due date at or before the end date selected

Instructors can use multiple condition types and conditions to create specific filters for the gradebook.

Once conditions have been selected, to view the filtered gradebook data on the selected set of conditions, click the Apply Filter toggle button.



Instructors can save the filter for future use by entering a name in the Give this filter a name field and clicking the Save button.


Gradebook data will remain filtered until the filter is removed. 

Additional Details

For additional details about this feature option, please see Enhanced Gradebook Filters Overview

A Feature Preview indicates a feature option in active development. Users who opt in to the feature and join the Community user group can help improve the feature through direct feedback. 

Additional updates about this feature will be available in the User Group, as enhancements may be released outside the Canvas Deploy Notes cadence. When this feature option is available for general use, the feature option will be announced in the Canvas Release Notes.

Deploy Notes Change Log



Added Interface Update

  • Assignments: Google Docs Plugin Removal
2022-03-02 Added additional related feature idea Option to View Grades in Gradebook by Date Range 
2022-02-18 Published Deploy Notes

Change Log




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