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I am a student and want to utilize Turnitin. Currently, only one professor has Turnitin "turned on" in which I recieve a similairy score when I turn in a paper and I have the ability to access Turnitin for pressing the green/yellow/orange on canvas. 

However, I am working on my Comprehensive Exam for my degree program and would like to utilize Turnitin, even though this exam is not affiliated with the courses I am in. Is there a way I can access Turnitin without having to access it through my class? Can I access it simply as a Canvas user, in which my school has a subscription with Turnitin (because my professors can use it or turn it off)? Or will I have to just turn in my drafts to the course my professor luckily has his turniton available, on a random submission for one of his future or past assignments? Thank You 




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Hello @heidimperez 

Thanks for posting this question in the global community! I am sorry you have not gotten a response on this...I wanted to pop in and offer some info on this for you. 

This question might be best directed to your institutions IT helpdesk as it depends on the subscription they are paying for with TurnItIn IIRC... Sometimes institutions will allow to use TurnItIn to run a similarity report on your papers prior to actually submitting them in Canvas. Sometimes they only allow you to do that when it is enabled on a specific assignment in Canvas. 

If they offer a way for you to run that similarity report outside of a Canvas assignment, they can provide you with directions and step on how to do that. 

Hopefully this helps! 



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