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Hi, Canvas Fans!

Does anyone know if Studio users can share a video quiz through Canvas Studio?


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Hi @Chris_Hofer !


I noticed that the guide states:

  • Any quizzes added to a video will not be included when the video is shared. 

I was hoping that someone knew a possible way around it.  

Thanks for your reply 😎

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Perhaps this works within the same institution.  If you are sharing across commons between institutions (e.g. you're part-time faculty at two colleges) this doesn't work.  I guess if I want to use the video quiz that I created at one college in the same class at my other college, I have to share the video (or just upload the .mp4 to my other Studio) and then recreate the quiz questions, from scratch!  Bummer!!!!!  I was getting really excited about video quizzes, but this makes me reluctant to use them in the future, knowing that I'll have to re-do so much work.

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