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I am interested in trying out a Canvas Studio Quiz and have watched several tutorials about how to do so. Unfortunately, it appears that when I click on the three dots found on the thumbnail card in Canvas Studio, my only two options given for ANY of my uploads are "Replace Thumbnail" or "Delete Media." I have recorded my own videos in Canvas Studio and I have uploaded Youtube videos, however none of these different types of uploads have the "Create Quiz" option available in the small pop-up menu that displays when you click the three dots. 

Is there some kind of update that I need to do on my Canvas page or a permission I need to request in order to get the "Create Quiz" option to populate into my pop-up menu? I have checked "Studio Settings" and there is literally nothing there I am allowed to see or select on that page. Any help or feedback would be very much appreciated! Thank you!

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Hi, @anparker , check out the information in the blue box at the top of  How do I create a Canvas Studio video quiz in a co...  : "If the quiz creation option does not display in Studio, this feature is not enabled in your account. Please contact your admin for more information." After contacting the school admin and getting the quiz option enabled—or if this isn't the cause of the issue—please post back so we can continue to assist.

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