How do I manage Canvas Studio user role permissions as an admin?

As a Canvas Studio admin, you can manage user role permissions in Studio Settings. User role permissions determine how and from which sources users can add media in Canvas Studio.

Note: By default, all Canvas Studio permissions are enabled for Studio Admins. As a Studio Admin, you can view and manage permissions for all course-level users in your account. However, you cannot manage permissions for Studio Admins.

Open Studio Settings

Open Studio Settings

In Canvas Studio, click the Navigation Menu icon [1], then click the Settings link [2].

Open Permissions

Click the Permissions tab.

View Permissions

The table displays the permission names [1] and the default user role names [2]. By default, all permissions are turned on for all users.

Learn more about Studio user roles and permissions.

Edit User Role Names

Edit User Role Names

To edit a user role name, hover your cursor next to the name and click the Edit icon.

Edit Role Name

Edit Role Name

Enter the role name in the Role Name field. Then press the Return or Enter key on your keyboard.

Set User Role Permissions

To manage media permissions for a user role, locate the permission and user role in the list. Then click the Permission Management toggle [1].

When a permission is turned on for a user role, the toggle displays a Checkmark icon [2]. When a permission is turned off for a user role, the toggle displays a X icon [3].