External tools contents were unable to embed inside RCE

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Hi, I was trying to embed an external tool content inside RCE editor but I am getting a message as shown in attachment. Also I am unable to embed the content into the editor.

studio not embedded.png

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Community Coach

Hi @dineshkumar_tha,

If you don't mind, I have a some followup questions that might help us figure out what's going on...

  1. Does every user of your Canvas instance have this same issue, or just you?
  2. What browser/operating system are you using?  Have you tried another device or browser (if possible)?
  3. Do you know if your Canvas instance is hosted by Instructure?  Since you have Canvas Studio, I assume it is, but always safer to ask.
  4. Are you a Canvas admin, a teacher, or do you have some other role?

Getting the answers to the above will help us give more accurate answers.  Just offhand right now, my initial thought is that you have some kind of browser extension interfering with or blocking the embedding process Canvas uses.  Since you asked if CSS could affect this, I will say that anything is possible, but that would be pretty far down on my suspect list unless you have a ton of CSS mods that didn't get very thorough testing.  I do have a trick which may help confirm this though.  Add ?global_includes=0 to the end of of the URL before you start editing or putting things in the RCE wherever you are in Canvas.  This should cause custom javascript and css to be skipped, so if you use that trick and things do work properly you will know for sure it's something in your custom files.

If it's not your custom css, let us know the answers to the questions asked and we can probably give some further troubleshooting tips.


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