Moving Universities: How to download Embedded Studio Quizzes

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Hi there,

I am a professor and I have switched jobs, moving from one university to another. Both universities used Canvas, so luckily I was able to download most of my Canvas class materials from my old job and import it into the new Canvas site of my current job. I am able to download my Studio videos, but I have not figured out how to download the embedded studio quizzes that I created. Does anyone have advice on how to do this?



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Community Coach

I hope that the move from one university to another is a happy one, @OceanNerd. You are correct that there is not an option to export Canvas Studio quizzes. This is an excellent suggestion for an idea to improve Canvas but unfortunately a similar idea was archived earlier this year, and Instructure is "not exploring this request at this time": 

Studio video quizzes can be shared - Instructure Community

I did some testing with exporting, etc. and was unable to do anything better than having to re-create the quiz in the new instance of Canvas. The only other option I see recommended is in a response to a product blog from a couple of years ago where another user suggests using a regular Canvas Quiz (or a tool like H5P) as a workaround.

The best suggestion I have is to propose this idea again ("archived" means "not at this time" not "never") and to reply to the entries in the Canvas Studio articles in the Product Blog. The lead developer for Studio responds to comments and might have a better answer than this one.

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