Course Pacing Student Due Dates Bug

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Hi Course Pacing Dev Team,

Thanks so much for working on this feature - It’s a really wonderful addition to Canvas!

Wanted to share the details of a feature bug we noticed recently. We set up a test course with course pacing on all the assignments (each staggered a few days apart) and added a student into the course. The student’s calendar and To Do dates all reflected the correct dates initially. Then we tried to change the course pacing for that one individual student (like in a situation where a student in a course receives an extension). While the assignments and dates listed within the modules did update to the new pace, the Student’s To Do list and Calendar events were not updated and still showed the previous pace dates.

I’m including some screenshots where you can see both the updated dates (displaying for the student in the module), and those same assignments in the Student’s To Do list displaying the previous due date.

Please let me know if I can provide any additional info, thanks so much!!