[Idea] Option to set pacing "days" from a fixed date rather than "Waterfall" style

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Problem statement:

From my understanding, to effectively implement course pacing, it is crucial to arrange items in a sequential order corresponding to when we want assessments to be opened or due.

However, for the sake of clarity, we have divided "Assignments" and "Quizzes" into separate sections within a module (for instance, Assignments at the top and Quizzes at the end).

Due to the way we organise items in a module, currently, we can't assign identical due dates to both assignments and quizzes within the same module. This limitation stems from the fact that the "Days" for each item are dependent on the preceding item's date. The only way to achieve this is by altering the sequential order of items in the module (e.g., Assignment -> Quiz -> Quiz -> Assignment).

Proposed solution:

I understand that the waterfall-style setting simplifies the configuration of pacing days. However, having the option (E.g. a checkbox next to each item) to set pacing days from the start date of the pace will provide the flexibility to organise items freely within a module.

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I agree with your problem and solution it would be such a great improvement! We've had to restructure our course to meet the waterfall need but would really like the option your proposed solution.

In the mean time to help your problem you can utilize the assignment view to set up what you want but then have the module view set up with the waterfall date but hide it from student view. Sadly the assignments view doesn't have all the same options as module but it might be helpful.


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