Timing Communication with Course Pacing

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Course Pacing is such an awesome Feature for self-paced courses, and we’re excited about how this can improve the student learning experience, as well as save instructors time! Recently, we’ve had a lot of interest from our Instructors about whether communications can be attached to Course Pacing.

In real-time courses, instructors often use the Delayed Posting feature for setting up Announcements to check-in on their students at certain benchmarks in a quarter. However, for self-paced students who start their coursework at different times, it would be nice to have automatic check-in’s / communication options attached to the Course Pacing schedules. (For instance, regardless of start date, all students could be scheduled to receive a week 1 check-in 7 days after they start the course).

In it’s current form, an instructor could potentially design some graded discussions as check-in/ landmarks (and set those up with Course Pacing), but it would be awesome to have the ability to Pace non-graded options or announcements in the future!

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