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We have an already existing faculty training course, and I would like to turn on Course Pacing because the enrollment for the faculty is rolling. They are added to the course when they first get hired as part of the on-boarding process.

Right now, none of the assignments have dates because it would be too cumbersome to add them. When I saw Course Pacing, I thought this might help us put some due dates in front of the faculty to encourage them to complete the course in a timely manner.

If I were to turn on Course Pacing in the course, what happens to all the faculty who are already existing? Will they be notified of a pace change? Will all these things show up on their to-do list all of a sudden? How does it affect them?

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@erik_gustafson, if you enable Course Pacing all active users should have due dates assigned to them, even if the assignment due date will appear in the past or if they have already submitted it. If they have already submitted it the item should not show on their todo list.

As new users are enrolled they will receive due dates as expected.

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