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I am new to developing with Canvas data and had two questions:

1.  I saw a question from January about new quizzes and the response was that New quizzzes are not in the CD2 data.  Is that still the case?  For our own analytics we are pulling this data and right now using the API is quite cumbersome.


2. In regards to old quizzes - the API offers a quiz statistics endpoint with biserial information and other stats.  Where exactly does that data connect to in the CD2 data?  Is that stats data available in CD2 for old quizzes? 

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Hello @pgentry . Welcome!

  1. New Quizzes are still only reflected in the canvas.assignments table. They're external_tool assignments. New Quizzes is called 'Quizzes 2' in canvas.context_external_tools.
  2. The Quiz Statistics for Classic Quizzes are reports that Canvas generates on demand. They are not in Canvas Data.

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