Discussions Redesign: Lag time loading replies

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I wanted to bring to your attention a performance issue that instructors at my college have reported with the recently redesigned Discussions feature. During a recent Q&A session, an instructor mentioned that when a discussion has a large number of replies, the page experiences some lag time when the threads are expanded, and it struggles to load the content. We tested and found that there is indeed some lag time while the page loads a discussion with many responses.

This issue seems to be new, as instructors did not report this issue in the previous version of Discussions. While collapsing threads with many replies could be a potential workaround, it's important to note that the system should be capable of loading predominantly text-based information quickly, even with all threads expanded.

It would be helpful to investigate this performance issue and work towards finding a solution. Ensuring that Discussions can handle a high volume of replies without compromising the user experience is crucial for fostering engaging and productive conversations within courses.

Thank you for your attention.

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