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In the Sept 15 release, a new reply sidebar was added that replaced the unfolding of replies below a topic.  Thumbs down from me.  The flyout takes you out of the flow of the thread and suddenly you have to keep your mind in two places - the flyout and the original discussion area.  Yesterday, when clicking the "# replies" link, and the hidden replies simply unfolded at the location of your click, I was happy.  That made sense in terms of countering the scroll of death.  Today, when that same click causes the page layout to change so dramatically, I'm not.  Sub-replies are now displayed as a separate "page" within the flyout and you have to find and click the "<-- Back" link.  Sure, I figured it out, but it's not better than what we had yesterday.  It reminds me of Slack, and I don't like their approach either.

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Instructure Alumni

We are definitely going to explore how to improve grading for Discussions. For this quarter we are focused on:

  • the reply navigation (adding Expand/Collapse Threads back into the topic page instead of having to use the Thread Tray, as well as, being able to reply inline vs. in the Thread Tray)
  • @mention (new feature, available now)
  • being able to quote a reply (new feature, available now)
  • moderation tools (new feature, in active development... first up will be the ability for students to report inappropriate or offensive replies to the teacher)
  • anonymity (new feature, in discovery)  

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