Threaded View: Why Does the Font Size Decrease?

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Hello Discussions Redesign Team and Fellow Community Members,

First, I'm thrilled that the threaded view is finally available. I would have preferred much clearer communication on when it was going to be available, but now that it's here I can actually let my faculty know that this tool is a viable option for them.

One immediate concern I have with the threaded view is the font size in replies. For some reason, the font size for replies is .875 rem. The smaller size is definitely not necessary to indicate that the reply has a parent comment since the indentation makes that abundantly evident, and I'm very concerned about the readability of the smaller font for users who don't have great vision.

What exactly was the design justification for making the reply font smaller, and has this been thoroughly tested with an array of users with different visual acuity to make sure that there is not a problem for users with lower acuity or a visual impairment?


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