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I am attempting to add the Badgr app while using my free for teacher Canvas account. I am having trouble, as when I go to enter the consumer key and the shared secret, there are no codes for me to enter in my account. Is there something else I need to do in order for these keys to populate?


Thank you. 

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Hi @SaraCot,

I believe the  Embarking on Change: Legacy Canvas Credentials LTI... - Instructure Community - 597263  post. is essentially saying that LTI 1.1 installs (which is what free-for=-teacher uses) are no longer available for Canvas Credentials/Badgr.  The new LTI 1.3 standard is the way forward, but it currently requires admin actions, which aren't available on the free-for-teacher version.  Hopefully there will be a workaround for this eventually, but I don't know of one right now.  I'll move this thread to the free-for-teacher group in case some users there know something that I don't.


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