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I am a new CANVAS free to teacher user. So far I have been using a similar LMS free version by Schoology.com and over the years I have invested a lot of time into it. Unfortunately Schoology will terminate the free version on Oct 1, 2023 and all material will be deleted.

I would be really happy to continue working with CANVAS instead but I am a bit worried, that this could happen to me again, that the free service will be stopped after having invested a lot of time to create coureses and quizzes.

Are there any predictions if CANVAS free for teachers will remain free in the foreseeable future?

I am very much looking forward to your answers.

Kind regards,

Sven Hochstrate

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Hi Sven, 

On behalf of Instructure, we have no plans to discontinue access to Canvas Free-for-Teacher. We firmly believe in providing a space for educators and students around the world to teach and learn. Not only are there no plans to do so, but we are working on improving the experience for all. For example, we have recently refreshed Free-for-Teacher Users Hub here in the Community here for a better experience for educators to share ideas and get assistance on their Canvas questions. We're also hoping to have some exciting new features available for our FFT users later this month. Stay tuned! Anyway, hope this helps. 


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