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As an admin, is there any way to create a generic login credentials, so people outside of my institution can access a specific course on our Canvas instance? Please advise!

Thank you!

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Hello @sima_tarokh 

If you want to give course access to users  that do not attend your institution, the easiest way is to go to the course and add them there directly. Presuming they would be "students" in the course? Go to people + people in the top right corner. Add them by email and give them a role -  it will ask if you want to create a new user since they can't be found. Then, they should receive an email inviting them to the course. They can always use the generic "forgot password" option to create a new one. You can also give  them a password under Admin - People. Similarly, you could create  them there first but it may be easier to add them in bulk to the course by emails separated by commas. Hopefully  this helps! 

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Hi. It might depend on your institution. At my school, it's not possible. No one can access our Canvas courses without an institutional email address - no exceptions. If that's the case for you too, here are some possibilities: 

  • Ask your institution to create an account(s) for the individual(s)
  • Put the content in a FFT Canvas course
  • Use another platform, like Google Classroom

It just depends on what you need (type & duration of access, number of people, etc.). Good luck!

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