Invitations not sent until course is published - has been published since 2017

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I recently added 7 students to my course, which we've been using since 2107. Three received the invitation and successfully joined the course. The remaining four have not received the invitation email. (I have confirmed email addresses and they've checked their spam/junk folders.) In attempting to resend the invitations, I receive a notice confirming that the person was added to the course, but that the invitations aren't sent until the course is published. (Emphasis in pop-up, not mine.) However, the course is published per my dashboard and six years of use. 

My organization only supports the institution Instructure courses and can't really help with canvas.instructure courses.

I appreciate any assistance in getting these invitations sent so that they can join and access content.


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Hello @KathyKyle 

Sorry that you have been running into this issue! 

-Off hand, it sounds like the email addresses for the students you are adding have not been confirmed by the user or something.

  • Are they able to log into their Canvas account with the email address you are using to add them? If so, have them click on the Account button, select Settings and verify that the email address they have set as the default isn't displaying an Exclamation icon. This can sometimes indicate that they need to confirm the email address, which might explain why they are not seeing anything when the invite is sent out to them. 
  • Do they receive a PW reset email when they try and reset their passwords?  


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