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Anyone using Flipgrid?

Just attended a webinar in regard to CanvasCon IUPUI: CourseNetworking - How a Social Media Platform Can Increase Engagement in the Onlin...‌ when I opened up an EmergingEdTech newsletter.  One of the featured apps was Flipgrid - Video for student engagement and formative assessment.  I was wondering if anyone has used this before in their classes and if so how did it go?  It says that it can be integrated with Canvas so I was wondering if it was effective.  I would like to share it with our faculty if it proves resourceful and a good form of active learning similar to the CN post.

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I've used it the online teacher certification course I teach and my graduate course. It has been easy to both embed and link in Canvas.  It is very effective. I use it for forums and to keep ongoing conversations.  

That's awesome to hear Scott! I also used Flipgrid with Canvas for a fully-online college course, it did put faces to all the names in my class. It became a necessary utility since then, that's why I joined them. How are you collecting student response and grading them so far? What can we do to improve your process?

Let me know if you have ideas on making Flipgrid better in Canvas! 

I was testing the Flipgrid integration to Canvas via redirect tool when I stumbled upon this post. I'm excited how well it works. Able to record Flipgrid video all within Canvas—super seamless. Smiley Happy

Keep up the awesome Flipgrid work  @shaomeng !

Our frontend team did amazing work to make sure Flipgrid works with iframes and embeds. We are currently working within Microsoft OneNote and Microsoft Teams via custom integration. And video recording should also work anywhere as long as there is an iFrame (unless its a very strictly sandboxed iframe).

Thank you  @keeganlong-whee  for being part of this intersection between Canvas and Flipgrid. It's a very important subgroup of our users that we are trying hard to help in the upcoming months! We welcome your feedback and ideas! Watch out for the upcoming announcement on 10th this week. Yes, that's in 3 days, RSVP: Meet The All-new Flipgrid 

Sweet, looking forward to new info.

I'm even more excited because I won a free year subscription to Flipgrid over the weekend. May things have aligned all at once this week!

That's awesome! We are very lucky to have you! Feel free to send me a DM or chat if you or your colleagues have any special requests and ideas so Flipgrid can better meet your needs!

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Community Team

Just FYI; flipgrid has posted some nice Canvas/Flipgrid integration resources over here: Integrations — Flipgrid Resources 

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I use FlipGrid in all my classes.  I used it before the (very handy) LTI integration.  I love it.  I would be happy to add you (or anyone) into a class to see it working in action.  Best,  BRG

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I've also used it  as a student in a distance course. Easy as. We introduced ourselves to the group with short vids with these guidelines:
- name
- current position or background 
- why taking this degree or subject
- something interesting about yourself
- If you were a vegetable, what would you be? 

Most played along and I liked being able to see everyone (and the views and engagement stats). Smiley Happy

We haven't got it integrated into Canvas yet so interested to follow this conversation. 

Thanks for the link! This is quite helpful. A colleague and I are looking into using Flipgrid for future course development.