Microsoft Teams, Classroom Notebook, and OneDrive LTIs

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We’re getting reading to roll out Microsoft Teams, which is super exciting as the LTIs seem very useful. Has your higher ed institution deployed any of the Microsoft LTI’s yet? If so, I’d really like to hear about your experiences! Here’s a few questions that I’m curious about: 

-Have these tools been used in a significant majority of your online classes yet?
- If you enable OneDrive, do you think it makes sense to disable the built-in Google collaboration feature?

- What are your thoughts about FlipGrid as a mobile friendly video-enhanced discussion app?

- The Classroom Notebook powered by OneDrive seems incredible for students asking questions and giving answers to/from fellow students in a class. I wonder if students would feel comfortable using it, and what purpose they’d use it for..any thoughts?

-Teams seems to do everything that Zoom can do. Does your school license and support both, or just one of these web conferencing tools? 

Here’s my initial thoughts without taking the tools for a test drive: 

  • Teams for web conferencing, persistent chat, collaboration tools, and 3rd party apps seems like a great way to foster student-to-student learning (at fixed and open times)
  • The OneDrive external assignment tool type seems like it will be really useful for having students submit PowerPoint, Word, or Excel files through a web browser instead of downloading a Microsoft file, editing it locally, and then uploading the updated file to an assignment file submission for grading.
  • It doesn’t seem like a Teams Classroom can be set on a BluePrint level and ‘stick’ to courses that it’s synced to, and then doing a manual roster sync. 

  • The React add-on to Teams seems super useful for teachers to quickly understand how their students are feeling towards the coursework. 

If your school is using Teams now in your Canvas instance, I’d love to discuss how it’s going with your Canvas Admin team. 

Cheers, Adam Voyton