Using the free version of Folios for course or program assessment?

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We want to provide a way for school divisions to use e-portfolios for course or program assessments. Currently, we have the free version of Folios enabled in our instance of Canvas. Has any other institution been able to use this tool for either type of assessment? If so, how? If not, what do you use instead?


FYI - We are very new to Canvas

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I don't think either of the previous responses really answer the user's question.

The free version of Portfolium (AKA "Folio" "Student ePortfolios" etc - what is the actual name of this product???) is NOT intended for program evaluation. That *is* the major distinction between the free version and the paid version.

The free version is for the user (the student) the create an ePortfolio that looks somewhat like a LinkedIn profile. It doesn't even have to be linked to their Canvas account at all (in fact to really establish that link requires action from both the LMS admin and each student).

Right now I am attempting to have some students use the free version to create portfolios for a variety of purposes. One feature that I find really lacking is that students can upload "Projects" (generally each artifact represents a single "project") but there is no way to organize or categorize the projects


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