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Lecture / event capture tools in Canvas

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HI All

I was wondering if any of your institutions are using a lecture / event capture tools? If, so how are you integrating this this with Canvas?

Here in Birmingham we are using the Panopto system. This is integrated into our Canvas system, so users authenticate via Canvas to either make a recording or view them. It is an opt in service, meaning lecturing staff can choose to record sessions or not.

If it is enabled on the Canvas course the Panopto link appears in the Canvas course menu and provides a direct link to the corresponding Panopto folder

panopto in Canvas - updated.jpg

All of our teaching rooms are set up with the recording software and required hardware, with our staff being free to download the software to their machines.

It is primarily used for lecture capture, but some staff are now using it more for flipped classroom model of teaching or to record supportive material for students.

If you want to check out our support site feel free

So what are other peoples experiences?



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Thanks Robert for sharing your support site!  We saw a demo of Panopto last month and are planning a pilot for the fall semester.  We currently use Tegrity and authenticate through Canvas also.  With our integration, faculty add the tool link in a module to access the Tegrity dashboard to make/view recordings.

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Good luck sriddle

If you want to get any ideas or help drop me a line, i've shared the course with others on Canvas in the past.

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We have just completed the transition to Panopto and will be fully implemented for our summer term starting next week. At present it is primarily used by two colleges, but others are becoming interested...

Community Team
Community Team

When I worked in the Washington State community college consortium we had a statewide contract and integration for Tegrity that users could access via ANGEL and then later via Canvas.  I believe that after I left Washington they replaced Tegrity with Panopto as well.

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That is correct  @scottdennis ​.  Washington State community colleges are now using Panopto.

At Tacoma Community College,  @CSoran  has organized an eLearning team to support Access Services.  eLearning set aside a significant budget for captioning to support accessibility. We'll soon be adding captioned videos to Canvas Commons.

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At Westminster College - Salt Lake City - We have been using Panopto for 4 years. We use it not only for class video capture but also for speech courses. Faculty members record each student to allow them to review and critique there in-class speeches. They also have students record there personal speeches at home with their Iphone/Android devices so that faculty can review and grade them. There are prose and cons to all of this, but if you would like to know more, let me know!

Community Coach
Community Coach

Is there a quick panopto video 'how to' that people can recommend to share with people?

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Might be worth looking at the Panopto Spotlight (Spotlight ) for advice and ideas. I've produced a load of one side handouts on how to do various things, from launching panopto in Canvas, to moving recording etc. They've worked well as the staff can keep a copy or print them off when heading to teaching rooms.