Add 'Custom Recurrence' Feature to Canvas Calendar


I would like to suggest adding a 'Custom Recurrence' feature in the Canvas calendar. This feature would allow students and instructors the option to customize how many times an event is displayed per week(or per month) and on which days of the week( or month). I'm open to any questions. 


Michael A. 

GCA Student

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Any updates on this? I'd like to have a repeating event 2x week or more rather than just once a week.  A simple check box with days of the week next to "Duplicate every" would be a simple addition and extremely useful.

Dave P, Teacher.

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YES, please! This would be amazingly helpful for scheduling classes, meetings, and other events. It would be ideal if this customization ALSO allowed for different times on the recurring days. For example, I have a single class that meets and that I want to appear as an event series. But the class meets 1-2 pm on Monday/Tuesday/Thursday, BUT 10-11 am on Friday. I should be able to arrange all of that at one time, instead of making multiple events (which are then also unhelpfully not actually treated as a series). 

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this added feature would make CanvasCal much more functionally usable 

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Seems like a no-brainer.  Recurrence happens in all sorts of different ways, and Canvas should be able to handle all of them.

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I cannot overstate how much I want this feature for Canvas Calendar. It would save so much time and make scheduling so much easier!

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Another vote for adding custom recurrence, for scheduling things like office hours appointments more easily! 

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