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Add Grade by Question Feature in New Quizzes

Add Grade by Question Feature in New Quizzes

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Classic quizzes has the option to grade by question.  For example, if question 33 is an essay question, I can go from student to student and it always lands on question number 33.  This is not available in New Quizzes, and I can't figure out why they would drop such a great feature.  It is a ton of work to have to choose a kid, scroll, grade, scroll to the bottom to hit update, change kid, scroll, grade, scroll to hit update, change kid, etc.  Bring back the grade by question functionality, please!

Comments from Instructure

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Community Team
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Yes, please!  Even the dinosaur Blackboard had this feature and it is a major time-savor!

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Yes please! It's very important to be able to grade by question in order to prevent biased grading, so that grading can be more objective. 

Also, it would be very useful if Canvas could also "unshuffle" questions that were in a group, so that they too can be graded by question. I like to put my questions in question bank groups so that the order they appear on the exam for students is random, in order to prevent academic misconduct. I was very disappointed to learn that Canvas cannot grade by question if you use this feature. Especially since it seems like a fairly easy fix (Canvas can do the quiz statistics for each question, even if they were shuffled in a question group, so it seems that Canvas is capable of "unshuffling" the order of the questions.)


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Fully agree! The lack of this feature is THE MOST ANNOYING thing about Canvas right now!  How can you call it a "Speed Grader" if you have to grade each assignment all the way through before the next one??  This is absolutely ridiculous.  GET ON THIS CANVAS!  

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Agreed @jackobanzi! The fact that New Quizzes does not have the "Grade by Question" feature is one of the primary reasons several of my institution's faculty have not started using them. I hope that Canvas sees this and adds this functionality to New Quizzes soon.

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this is an essential feature....why are we even discussing it!!!!

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Yes! this is necessary and it's very inconvenient that it is not possible.

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Yes, please do allow for unshuffling!  Currently if there are ANY questions on a quiz that are in a shuffled group, then even ungrouped questions cannot be graded by question.

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Yes Please!!! The sooner the better. This is the ONLY thing our faculty is balking at in the conversion to New Quizzes.

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Yes, please!!

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Yes please, this is the main reason I'm still using classic quizzes.

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I wholeheartedly agree with the other comments! The lack of this feature has increased my grading time, which is non-trivial for those of us who teach multiple-hundreds of students. Given that both Blackboard & Moodle currently provide this capability, it seems like something that Canvas should include as well.

While I appreciate many things about Canvas, grading in New Quizzes makes me question who was involved in making the decisions about how some features should be implemented. Matching is all or nothing? I have to grade student-by-student, instead of question-by-question? There are some nice features, such as the hot spot questions, flexibilty when regrading, etc., but sit down with any random group of instructors & ask them how they feel about grading New Quizzes, and it's likely that you'll get an earful!

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I agree! Grade by question would be great, especially for free response and fill-in-the-blank. TBH, I didn't know I could do it with classic quizzes, so now I am going to have to try that out! Maybe I can keep using classic quizzes for my free-response.

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Please add this soon!

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I would rather use Google Forms Quizzes for this feature than use New Quizzes! Non-multiple choice questions are best practice and this ability to grade all students on one question at the same time is a HUGE time saver. This should be a priority in New Quizzes.

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Markers need to be able to grade one question at a time. This aids their marking process as they can then keep all the marking criteria in mind for an individual question, and then the marking process is more efficient, consistent and quicker.

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Absolutely. I'm not looking forward to the demise of classic quizzes because of that, even though New Quizzes does have some cool features.

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This would be very helpful and many of our staff have expressed their consternation at this option being taken away in new quizzes.