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Allow Creating New Quizzes From Modules

Allow Creating New Quizzes From Modules

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Please allow New Quizzes to be Created directly from a Module. Regardless of the default type of quiz, if a New quiz is created through the Module, it always goes back to Classic Quizzes. To double check that I was correct, I did the following experiment. 

I went to the "Quiz" Index page by clicking on the blue link in the course navigation. As expected, the quizzes that have already been created, pop up. Once I was there, I clicked on the skinny snowman next to the "+Quiz" and selected "Rest Quiz Engine" Choice.

"Reset Quizzes.png

Still in "Quizzes", I started constructing a new quiz with the "+ Quiz" button. It now gives a choice of what type of "Quiz Engine" I prefer. I chose "New Quizzes" and then I checked the box that said "Remember my choice for this course."

Choose Quiz Engine.png

Now when I make a new quiz with the "+Quiz" button it remembers that I want a new quiz and it gives me a start of a new quiz as it should-- in the new quiz format Woo hoo! However, if I go to create a "Quiz" directly from a Module by clicking on the + sign in the desired Module, then choose "Quiz" in the dropdown box, and add it this way; I get a quiz in the "Classic Quiz" format. What gives? I was on hold with support for 45 minutes before me rep said that people have to create quizzes directly from quizzes in order to get the New Quiz option. That is honestly a bit nutty. He also said it is probably just a "quirky transition thing" and will probably be changed, but he had no further information.  Please fix this asap.

New Quiz Problem.png

This idea has been developed and is On Canvas Beta  How do I access the Canvas beta environment?

For more information, please read through the Canvas Release Notes (2021-03-20)

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Community Team
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Great observation. I've raised this with support in the past and from memory the response I got was 'working as expected'. 

I've also tried something somewhat similar. I tried to add a New Quiz directly from the Assignments area of a course (not from Modules or Quizzes area). The default if I have not set the quiz engine is Classic (we are set to Allow with the tool). But if I go to Quizzes and set the default to New Quizzes I get a very different experience, and one that I was not so pleased by. It makes me select the correct external tool before being able to publish and save. This will no doubt baffle many an Instructor / Course Designer. I also raised this with support but got the 'working as expected' response. Note this was back in June though and at least it now recognises that I am calling on an external tool. It just doesn't know which one. I am keen to hear if anyone else has the same experience.


I agree! I make all of my pages and assignments in the modules. It takes a lot more time to have to go out to 'Assignments' to create it, then back to modules to import it. Seems like these new quizzes are adding a lot of steps and taking a lot more time, that I do not have to give. Please allow creating the new quizzes from modules!

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I agree with everything said above!  Many teachers are not even experimenting with b/c of these extra steps that add up to more time.  It would be great if they were also all in Quizzes rather than in Assignments but that's just a personal gripe.  

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Yes please, asap. This is VERY confusing for faculty who we are trying to transition to New Quizzes, when Canvas seems to keep sending them back to Original Quizzes. 

Community Team
Community Team
Status changed to: On Beta
Community Team
Community Team
Comments from Instructure


New Quizzes can be created as part of adding a quiz to a module. This change allows instructors to create quizzes using the New Quizzes LTI in modules.

For more information, please read through the Canvas Release Notes (2021-03-20) - Canvas Community

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This is so amazing! Thank you  for making this improvement so quickly-- in under 4 months from my request! This will be a HUGE improvement!