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Currently, when looking at analytics in the new quizzes, the program does not allow for data to be filtered by section. It only provides individual student information or by outcome/standard. In K-12 education, teachers analyze the performance of all of their students, then each section/period and then the individual student to determine the next course of action when it comes to instruction (remediation or enrichment). We like the new quizzes ability to add standards to individual questions,  but the feature of looking at analytics by section, which is in the old quizzes should be part of new quizzes. In addition, the data should be downloadable in Excel format to further filter if so desired. 

I hope the development team takes all the good features of quizzes and adds them to new quizzes. 

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Big thumbs up for this- "In addition, the data should be downloadable in Excel format to further filter if so desired."

Being able to export data would be so helpful for instructors to combine multiple sections (taught by different instructors) together or compare semester to semester. 

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Voted! I'm grateful to  @kraimont  for contributing this New Quizzes analytics idea.

To  @sspeer  and others considering this idea: please also consider voting or commenting on a closely related idea about Excel (via CSV) download of submission data for New Quizzes:

Since I see Student Analysis CSV as #7 on the prioritization list at bottom of the New Quizzes User Group front page, I'm hopeful downloading will be worked on soon. 

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Many secondary teachers cross list multiple periods of the same class.  It would be really helpful to be able to see an item analysis for New Quizzes by period/section.  

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Yes! This would be so helpful to secondary teachers! Please add this feature.

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This would be very helpful since we are spending a lot of time creating CFA's and analyzing data.  It would be beneficial to be able to separate that data by class period.

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It would be valuable if data could be sorted by class period. The classic quiz has this function and it is extremely useful. That said, all data sorting and access in the classic quiz format should be incorporated into the the new quiz format. 

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Voted! This would be very helpful! 

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For the potential/eventual change-over from the Classic Quizzes to New Quizzes, the ability to see the similar data points for each class and for your entire classes combined is SUPER great and important to keep.  It didn't seem like similar data was as accessible or even visible with New Quizzes.


Thank you!

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Agree with this! Teachers need to be able to separate by section and aggregate data. 

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Please allow student data to be sorted by period. This would be especially helpful when teachers have combined courses into one.

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Our college of nursing very much needs the ability to filter an Item Analysis by section in New Quizzes. Classic Quizzes allows the post exam data to be filtered by section and New Quizzes should have feature parity here as well.