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New Quizzes: respect "hide grades"

New Quizzes: respect "hide grades"

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When I write a quiz full of essay questions, canvas cannot autograde it.  That is expected.  However, when it autogrades as a zero the students panic.  The work around to set the quiz to a manual grade posting policy is completely ineffective.  Students are instantly prompted to check results, regardless of what the gradebook hides, and redirected to submission details where the "score" of zero is displayed automatically as soon as the quiz is submitted.

The expected behavior is that all feedback about the score from new quizzes is provided to students through the gradebook.  The check results prompt should direct students to the same place where they access scores, rubrics, and instructor feedback from every other assignment, and hiding grades in the gradebook should hide the score there just like it does for every other assignment. 

Any other submission details, like the time of a submission and whether or not is was on time, need not be hidden, but the only important detail until the new quiz grade is posted is that scores are hidden until grading is completed.

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Rated 5 stars! @Steven_S , if you haven't already, please take a look at a related idea focused more on connecting grade post policy to results-hiding/showing:

For me the ideal implementation would incorporate both of these ideas.

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@RobDittoagreed.  We definitely have the same goal.  I had not noticed it before.  I wish I had noticed it before I migrated my exams to new quizzes.  I have answered countless version of panicked student emails already, and some of my classes are barely getting started with the exam. 

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Hi, we grappling with this issue too. As you can see it's frustrating a lot of teachers and students. Feel free to comment and vote: