Overhaul Peer Review


Canvas folks, overhaul of the Peer Review feature is long overdue:

1) Set-up needs revised so it is clear who is being reviewed and who is reviewing.  All this takes is clear captioning like "Author" and "Reviewer"

2) Organization should be based around the "Author" not the reviewer

3) Original manuscript, rubric, and comments should ALL be visible on screen

4) Instructor should be able to view all of these and provide a GRADED peer-review using a rubric of the students' peer-review which is not possible at present.  This is critical.

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I would like to add peer review should be revised so that it is ANONYMOUS!

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Thanks for sharing these ideas. As the Idea Conversations forum accommodates singularly-focused requests for an enhancement to a feature, we're not able to move forward a request for an overhaul that encompasses multiple ideas in a single submission. We would encourage you to add your support to one or more of the existing conversations:

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...and I might have missed a few, so if you find that these don't cover the enhancements you're hoping to see to the peer review feature, please read through How do I create a new idea conversation in the Canvas Community? for guidance on writing a singular prompt after searching the forum for existing ideas.

Thanks again!