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Redesign of "more options" element in course details

Redesign of "more options" element in course details


As a new canvas using institution, we have had to train staff and develop training resources. During training and development of said resources it became clear that there are some elements in the Canvas UI/UX that forces additional and unnecessary training needs. Having to incorporate explanations of features that should be intuitive in the first place in our training is unnecessary and excessive.

One example of such an element is the "more options" element in the course details tab in the course settings. We have during training and in subsequent support scenarios noticed that the design of this option is actually obfuscating the underlying content. We have had feedback from our users saying that it look like it's more options for the course description field and not additional course detail settings. 

Current design - minimized  


Current design - expanded


"Feature" idea

Make the element more intuitive by reducing padding and changing the link to a button type. I mocked up a suggestion in 2 minutes that I consider, though obviously not perfect, to be far more intuitive and user friendly than the current design.

Suggested design - minimized


Suggested design - expanded


A gif of the feature idea

Community Member

I wholeheartedly agree with this suggestion. The current link is far too discreet and hard to find.

Community Contributor

Or just show all settings at once and forget about the button?

Pro: fewer clicks

Con: Maybee someone chooses something wrong..

Community Contributor

Which would be an even easier and faster implementation :smileylaugh:

Community Champion

I've also wondered why these needed to be hidden under a More options menu, and not just listed on the page.  it doesn't make the page that much longer, and they are useful settings for the instructor to consider.

Community Participant

PLEASE JUST SHOW ALL THE OPTIONS ON THE DETAILS PAGE. Yes, "more options" is easy to miss now.  And it smacks of "more options that are kind of advanced or you don't really need to see."

Another possibility might be to add a tab called "Options" after Details and before Sections.  There, one could find all these very important student-experience settings.  I would consider including the Grading Scheme here too (although my first choice would be accessing that from the Grades page).  That's another one that's easily missed.  A whole new page would give you a little room to do some context-setting about these options.

Of course, a new "Options" might be confused with the existing "Feature Options" tab.  But I'd shorten that to "Features".

New Member

Great idea!  This seems like such a simple and useful improvement.

Community Coach
Community Coach

I don't want anybody to think I might just possibly, maybe, perhaps, kind of, sort of have some strong feelings on this; but I HATE HIDDEN MENUS! And I especially hate them when there is no need, rhyme or reason for the hiding. These are not even what the faint-at-heart might call "Advanced" settings.

Don't remake the button, simply un-hide the menu items.  I have no problem with them being labeled as "More Options", but see no reason for hiding them, and hundreds of reasons for not hiding them - the hundreds of support requests from faculty because they could not find where to change the hidden settings.


Community Participant

Don't hide those options - leave them visible.

Melody Brake - Colorado State University

Community Contributor

I think because they are hidden, teachers (and designers) tend to miss that there are settings that might need to be checked or unchecked. This might be very important for blueprint courses.

Community Contributor

I mentor several colleagues, and every semester, I help them through the process of setting up their courses.

Some of the most helpful settings are hidden at the bottom of the Course Settings page behind the tiny, blue words "more options." Hiding these settings is poor design.

There are two options:

  1. Simply list the options on the Course Settings page. That will make them plainly visible and there will be no need for an extra click.
  2. Reconfigure Canvas to move the settings to the appropriate places. For example, move the Grade-related options to the gear icon in the Gradebook. Create similar icons in the Announcements and Discussions sections for the Announcements and Discussions options.

Option 2 would be the best way forward, but it will take more time and effort. Option 1 should be an easy fix.

Please consider doing this. 


Community Member

A great idea! The current "more options" is easy to miss. Your suggestion would go a long way towards making navigation easier for the newcomer! 😀