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Submission comments appear in Inbox indicator

Submission comments appear in Inbox indicator

As an teacher, I would like the numbered indicator next to the Inbox link include how many unread Submission comments I have. Although I keep my Canvas to email notifications turned on, a large number of our faculty turn off their email notifications. (As a Canvas admin at our institution, I hear how often this occurs.) They manually check the Inbox for submission comments.


This feature request fulfillment may also include displaying submission comments with Unread Messages in the Inbox, similar to Add Inbox + Submission Comments Filter in Conversations .



Community Coach
Community Coach

Thank you for your submission​.

Is this what you're looking for?


If so, why wouldn't you want this number next to inbox and unread? Or, the other side to this: why wouldn't you just go into submission comments and see your newest comments?

I guess I'm trying to understand where this would bring more efficiency to a teacher's workflow.

Looking forward to your feedback.

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HI Biray:

Thank you for your reply. For the indicator I was referring to the one next to the Inbox on the dashboard


In our instance of Canvas (cloud-hosted), our unread submission comments are not reflected in the numbered Indicator next to the Inbox. Canvas currently does an awesome job of alerting us to New Submissions and to New Conversations directly on the Dashboard. If we could be alerted to New Submission Comments directly on the dashboard, then that would improve efficiency because faculty would not need to manually go to the Inbox and check for new submissions comments.

However, if the Inbox on the dashboard should display the number of unread submission comments, then we will contact our CSM to have this awesome feature turned on.

Many thanks. Smiley Happy

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This idea has moved to the next stage and will be open for voting among the Canvas Community, from Wed. October 7, 2015 - Wed. January 6, 2015.

Check out this doc for additional details about how the voting process works! Smiley Wink

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I have had several instructors make this discovery as well. They've noticed that the Inbox will not alert them of a new submission comment--they have to check that folder manually. I think for many of our instructors that thinking is, "If my submission comments are located in Inbox, why do I not get the same alert in the global help menu like I do for general message notifications?" If we could get that notification to also display submission comment alerts, that would be a positive step for our faculty's workflow.

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Yes, please! I would like the numbered indicator next to the Inbox link to include how many unread Submission comments I have. Options to manually checking the Inbox for submission comments is appreciated.

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This would be great. A few iterations of Canvas ago, the inbox would just automatically contain both submission and message items in the same inbox--that would be the most convenient. It was great because I could go to a student and see a record of all communication in Canvas (both messages and submission comments and replies).

Community Coach
Community Coach

Just as an FYI, you can also set it up via Canvas notifications so you get an email (or text, or whatever you prefer) when a student makes a submission comment. This has actually worked the best for me and I don't mess with my Canvas Inbox for submission comments unless I want to double-check something.


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I do this too, and it is a pretty effective workaround for me. But if I reply to the submission comment, it goes back to the submission on the assignment and will not be visible right away to a student unless the student has also updated his or her notification preferences.

When submission comments were part of the regular inbox, all interactions with the student could be found together in the inbox. This had the pedagogical effect of allowing me to see the student in a more holistic way--i.e. I could see that I was having a lot of interactions about a particular issue with a student when I pulled up the student in the inbox since I was seeing every back and forth with that student without having to go to particular assignments one at a time.

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Yes. Shiloh is correct. Months and months later, I am still saddened by the loss of comments in the inbox. Right now, the only way to receive notification of comments is to set up an email alert as Kona suggests, but users should not have to rely on external notifications to know what is happening in Canvas. I should know something is new when I log into Canvas. Assignment comments need a notification device within Canvas, and the way it used to be in the inbox was perfect.

Instructure​, thanks for your suggestion regarding the Submission Comment notification. From my perspective (and I would love your comments on this), the real problem is that teachers are missing some of the new replies left by their students. The reverse is probably also true: students are potentially missing comments left by their teachers. I'm thinking that tracking student-teacher communication is SO vital to student success that it should exist somewhere outside of Conversations. What comes to mind immediately is that the trigger for reading recent comments could be better highlighted in the SpeedGrader and/or on the Dashboard in the To Do/Upcoming Events/Feedback sidebar.

I'd like to invite voters on their thread to step outside of the Inbox for a moment and think about where else in Canvas you might want to see the information related to student/teacher feedback. If your vote is for this to exist IN the inbox, tell me more about why seeing it there would be more useful than in other areas of Canvas or in your email inbox via Canvas notifications.

Looking forward to hearing your ideas!