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Impact Release Notes (2024-01-23)

Impact Release Notes (2024-01-23)

In this Impact release, new content for Canvas and Blackboard Learn Ultra is available. Updated features include LTI Tools. Accessibility updates are implemented to messages.

Impact helps institutions improve technology adoption and evaluate the impact of educational technology, while helping faculty and students seamlessly navigate new platforms. Learn more about Impact by Instructure.

New Content



Campaign: Canvas Release of January 20th

Template Preview Release of January 20th 2024: Instructors

Launching the Canvas release campaign will provide users with updates and new features in Canvas.


Contexts and Templates

Changes for contexts and templates are made due to Canvas UI updates. Inbox/Conversations templates and contexts are updated and monitors are working.

List of updated contexts:

Contexts with a monitor
  • Conversations page: Compose message pop-up
  • Conversations page: compose message pop-up: send button
  • Conversations page: reply to all button
  • Conversations page: delete conversation button
  • Conversations page: archive button
  • Conversations page: search button
  • Conversations page: reply button
  • Conversations page: compose a new message button
  • Conversations page: Media comment pop-up: select video file button
Contexts without a monitor
  • Compose message pop-up: recipient search button
  • Compose message pop-up: subject field
  • Conversations page: Select a course drop-down menu
  • Conversations page: Add message attachment button
  • Conversations page: Attach media button
  • Conversations page: Conversations body field
  • Conversations page: Search for recipients button


List of updated contexts outside Inbox/Conversations:

Contexts with a monitor
  • Add assignment group button
  • Account files page: + folder button
  • Course files page: + folder button
  • Course pages page: + page button
  • Groups conferences page: + conference button
  • Groups files page: + folder button
  • Groups pages page: + page button
  • Add items to score range button
  • Module send to menu item

Contexts without a monitor

  • Collapse discussion replies button
  • Expand discussion replies button
Deleted contexts
  • Files page: Search field
  • Search for files field
  • LTI Collaborations page: + Collaboration button
  • Add outcome link
  • Open Screencast-O-matic app
  • RCE: embed Kaltura media button
  • RCE: Icons maker icon
  • RCE: toolbar plug apps button
  • Record/Upload media button
  • Upload image button


Adoption Campaigns

Blog EMEA adoption campaigns: Canvas Assessments
Template Previews



Impact now offers a suite of Out-of-the-Box (OOTB) campaigns strategically crafted to boost the adoption of Canvas Collaboration among Instructors and Students.


Blackboard Learn Ultra

Campaign Update: Walkthrough: Navigating the Course Gradebook

Template Preview Walkthrough: Navigating the Course Gradebook

In the Walkthrough: Navigating the Course Gradebook, the next buttons are removed from a few steps—a preview of the Walkthrough inside the Walkthrough Template preview or the campaign purpose area on the Impact Dashboard.

Note: Users do not have to re-import the campaign, as the older walkthrough version is functioning.


Inline Templates

The previously broken Courses Page template is updated.


Updated Features


LTI Tools

Usage and Adoption Data for LTI Tools

Product Blog Newly Redesigned LTI Tools Page

The LTI Tools feature tracks launches of all LTI tool types regardless of the location of the LTI installation, placement or launch point. Admins have a comprehensive view of LTI launches inside Canvas with their LTI tool placements and can map to a single LTI tool group to improve the accuracy of data.


Other Updates




The following accessibility updates are implemented to messages:

  • Keyboard-only users are able to navigate outside of hint messages without closing the message.
  • Keyboard-only users can navigate between messages and pages. When on a page, users can access messages, and when on messages, users can access the page. The “Go to hint” anchors enable Keyboard-only users to shift focus to a specific message, while the “Go back” to page option returns the focus to the main document. Additionally, messages do not have a focus trap.


Fixed Bugs


  • In “My Reports,” the data table displays appropriately and is scrollable.

Change Log




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