How do I create a new LTI Group?

The LTI Tools page of Impact can be grouped to improve LTI data accuracy.

Open LTI Tools

Open LTI Tools

In Global Navigation, click the Settings icon [1]. Then hover over the Settings menu [2] and click the LTI Tools icon [3].

Create New LTI Group

Click the New LTI Group button.

Add New LTI Group

Add New LTI Group

Enter a custom group name [1], then click the Save button [2].

Add LTI Tools to the New LTI Group

Select the LTI Tool(s) to move to a group [1]. Then click the Group Selected Tools drop-down menu [2]. You can then search for the desired group [3] or select the group from the list [4].

View LTI Group

Locate the LTI Tools group. Click the group drop-down button [1] and view the LTI Tool [2].