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For the last few classes in this course, students are split into groups of two and present primary literature, while the other students in their class provide constructive criticism about their presentation. I am looking for a way to create an ungraded survey (or something similar) with the critique questions where students can submit anonymized responses to the presenting group, but I can keep track of which students submitted particular forms. Thanks in advance for any advice you have, and apologies if this is a repeated post. Other similar submissions seem to have settled for a third-party software but I was hoping to find a way to do this within canvas.

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Hi Ac2585, 

If you create a survey or quiz using the essay type question, once done, you can export the responses using the Student Analysis tool.  This will give you a CSV file with the responses by student.  You could then delete the column that identifies the students making comments and post the CSV file for all, or copy and paste the information into a page in Canvas. 

I imagine your quiz or survey looking like this:

1. What group are you reviewing?

2. Essay Question #1

3. Essay Question #2




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