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Canvas Inbox Coding Update

The new update to the Canvas Inbox has some issues. While it is easier to scroll through your courses, there doesn't seem to be a way to click on your Favorites, it is just one big long list depending on how long you have taught. Also, all formatting seems to have disappeared from the message portion of the message, causing the text to run together in one paragraph. You can no longer distinguish between a greeting, the body, and a signature. Is there a reason for this? As someone who teaches communication and asks students to practice writing professional emails, this is not helpful at all. Anyone else?

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Hi @jennifer_hough 

I agree, there are some issues.  I teach a business course and I also require my students to write professional emails messages. I even grade them on their first message to me at the start of the semester.  This update makes that impossible now. 

Ironically, the update was to improve accessibility. But removing any paragraphing makes this less accessible as paragraph breaks help users distinguish between a new sentence and a new paragraph (idea). 

I am able to see a list of favorites.  It is different than the previous version, and possibly better as there is one less click. 

See attached image. 


I contacted our schools Canvas admin and requested they submit a ticket.  I recommend everyone do this.

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Also have this question; new inbox update also keeps causing Canvas to freeze too where I have to keep exiting the program and logging back in. 😞