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Grade totals has been disabled?

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So I suddenly have teachers who can't see grade totals when they pull individual student's grades. I know this has to be part of the recent release but I cannot find it except 1 area that says in the grade book totals can be changed to points/ percentages if nothing is weighted.

If there is a fix to this, it would be greatly appreciated.

HJ Ross

TCSD Admin

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Help tickets are already in play. Ironically I am the Help Desk for all tickets submitted so yes I escalated them and gave the reference to this thread.

My CSM is also aware of this. I don't submit many tickets, so when I do it's always something weird.

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Did the teachers check the multiple grading periods option? As admin you have to enable the Display all grading periods and then the teachers have to enable it in their courses.

How do I use multiple grading periods in my course?

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Multiple Grading periods was not enabled at the account level when this occurred. The viewing grade totals actually sits in the course settings. Yet if you type in Grade totals in the Canvas Guides it takes you to the Multiple Grading periods. That is why my teachers alerted me as they are very tech & canvas guide savvy and it stumped them completely. The weighted assignment issue was just a weird piece there is still no answer to.

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Since a quiz with total points does not show the average out of 100, I make a category to show it for the students. For some reason it was not working on my 8th grade classes and this must've been selected somehow and fixed the problem (even though I never checked it and it wasn't an issue for my 7th or 6th grade classes ever). Not sure how or why it happened but now I know where to fix it.